Curiosity is no longer a luxury.
It is the one thing that will give you the insightful and competitive edge in business, and the adventurous lens in life.

Becki is a curiosity expert and TEDx speaker.

She works with organizations and companies who want to learn to apply curiosity as a strategic tool for sales & influence, creative problem solving & innovation, and decision making. Becki inspires and excites audiences while revealing the strategic power of applied curiosity for business…and for life.

Your audience will learn to apply, elevate, and manage curiosity in order to tap and unleash its greatest power. Follow your curiosity.


High energy and highly effective keynotes featuring:

Applied Curiosity

  •  How to Use Curiosity for Increased Sales & Influence (Peak Curiosity)
  • How to Use Curiosity for Better Decision Making
  • Extreme Questions for Creative Problem Solving & Innovation
  • How to Use Curiosity to Understand and Overcome Cognitive Biases & Brain Bugs
  • How to Use Curiosity for Adventure, Insights, and Problem Solving
  • The Living Curiously Method™ (a 5-step actionable framework for using curiosity strategically to accomplish remarkable things in work, life, and adventure)

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Interested in learning what Curiosity can do for you and your audience? Follow your curiosity…

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Becki Saltzman

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Becki brings a unique and refreshing presence to her audience. You will be immediately drawn to her, and listen intently to her presentation. Her style is not that of an “off the shelf, go through the material, smile, thank you, and sit down” type. She’s funny, ever so slightly, yet engagingly provocative, and fun to listen to. But, and there is a “but”, she knows her stuff and she recites it with conviction, purpose, and power! She will leave your audience wanting more.
– Randy Hess

Becki’s enthusiasm and energy are contagious. She reminds you that selling is about being yourself and sharing your story. Who knew that getting a haircut at 6 could be so interesting.
– Aimee Virnig

Becki brings your audience to where the art and sexy mind science of ethical persuasion and sales intersect and effect communication catapults. Wow!
– Andrea Anderson

I am excited about using curiosity to take control of my career and stand out in my profession. The way Becki’s method builds on my strengths and unique experience is really validating.
– Sharon Storey

I have spent the last 25 years presenting my daughter with every opportunity to experience and find her empowerment as a woman. Taking her to listen to Becki Saltzman’s thoughts on Living Curiously was another excellent avenue to provide more information. It was fantastic! Becki, through her people personality and humor-filled delivery made everyone active participants in her process. I thank Becki for inspiring women of today, and I encourage all women’s groups to hear what she has to say.
-Dorene Mollenhauer, Corporate Treasurer

I had seriously fallen out of touch with my core values and mission and Becki was a happy, refreshing splash of water in the face! Truly, working on your own there are a lot of places you can hide, but Becki came in with her big, badass flashlight and outed me to myself. Just what I needed. Seriously.
– Kristin Fritz

Often we focus on common interests with our clients. Why not change it up? Be curious about the links that could bring us closer to our clients and friends that may be uncommon. Becki is a very animated speaker and you won’t be bored!
– Judy

As Becki points out, since the vast majority of what comes out of our lips involves some attempt to sell, persuade, influence to help, or as she says, arouse the buy curious. To a lot of us in sales this comes naturally, but there are so many things that I learned and have applied that I really hadn’t thought of. I have already seen a dramatic impact on my business. I’m selling and enjoying myself way more.
– Stefan Krupelak

Becki…helps one learn tricks to sell more, present better, and impress others using commonalities, experience intriguing people and places, create signature stories that only you own, and learn what makes you special. I learned a ton at her presentation.
– Meagan M.

The Arousing the Buy Curious experience is for people who want to be seriously great without taking themselves too seriously. I’m taking what I learned very seriously and I’m already seeing amazing sales results. Although I do not recommend Becki for any of my competitors.
– Jim Lowenstein