Curiosity Master Class…on the Camino de Santiago



Camino Curiosity Quest

Scheduling for 2021 (on hold due to COVID-19 & travel restrictions)

Exploring the Art and Science of Applied Curiosity & Living Curiously on the Camino de Santiago in Spain & Portugal

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Program Leader: Becki Saltzman, Chief Curiosity Seeker & Founder of Applied Curiosity Lab and Author of, Living Curiously
Expert Guide: Sally Bentley, Producer of award-winning film, Walking the Camino
Program Facilitator: Jennifer Felberg, Experience Producer for Applied Curiosity Lab

“All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immoveable, those that are moveable, and those that move.” Benjamin Franklin*

*The Camino Curiosity Quest is designed for those of us that move, and is optimized for adventurous leaders.

You are invited to join a select group of adventurous movers in participating in the Curiosity Master Class working-walking-week of adventure where Camino pilgrims have been experiencing powerful growth and transformation since the Middle Ages.

Curiosity has long been associated with creativity, invention, philosophy, and science. A growing body of research suggests that curiosity may be one of our most powerful untapped tools. As a tool, curiosity can be used systematically to generate new ideas, solve problems, catch traps in hidden assumptions and biases, and generate results. Curiosity matters.

New research out of Stanford suggests that walking improves creativity and divergent thinking. The Camino Curiosity Quest is a unique opportunity for augmenting this traditional trek of transformation with the Applied Curiosity & critical thinking training necessary to ignite the under-tapped tool of curiosity. This results in the extension of this transformation well beyond the Camino trek.

Ideal for leadership teams committed to creating a Culture of Good Thinking.

One month prior to the trip:

  • We start by gathering virtually with a series of two private group interactive webinars to help you define your initial goals, get to know each other, and begin to explore the foundational principles of Applied Curiosity & critical thinking.
  • You will receive a preparation guide with suggested exercises, and with Curiosity Bites to begin to provoke new ways of thinking to lubricate your mind for getting the most out of your Quest
  • Weekly you will receive packing and logistics advice about packing and preparing physically for the trip.


  • 6 nights travel accommodations (as noted in daily itinerary)
  • All meals except for daily lunch
  • One personal Curiosity Consultation walking session with Becki. This question-based consultation and assumption busting will help you clearly define and refine your goals while revealing insights to ensure that you get the most out of your Camino Curiosity Quest
  • Evening Applied Curiosity & critical thinking training & Curiosity Mastermind*
  • Curiosities to help you maintain the mindset and continue to use the tools of curiosity
  • A copy of the book, Living Curiously, by Curiosity Expert, Becki Saltzman (in your preferred format: Paperback, Kindle or Audio book)
  • Full baggage support/transfer
  • All transfers as notes on Daily Itinerary including individual guest transfer from Santiago to Santiago Airport
  • Drinks and snack provided daily
  • Optional van pick-up mid day (each day we will walk approximately 12-15 miles)

*What is a Curiosity Mastermind? It is a guided group experience and peer-to-peer advising that harnesses the power of the collective to generate actionable goals and accountability. You become part of an exclusive, reliable, smart community that continues to provide value well beyond your transformative week on the Camino.


  • International Air travel to Santiago de Compostela. Please be sure to check with us before obtaining your tickets. We need to verify your arrival and departure schedule and ensure we have enough participants to operate the program
  • Meals not listed on itinerary: $100-150
  • Travel insurance: Required Emergency Evacuation – Optional Recommended Trip Cancellation and Interruption
  • Items and services of personal nature

Sample Itinerary

Date Day Travel Itinerary for 6 Days & 5 Nights Hotel Meals Alt. Hotel
TBD 1 Arrive: SANTIAGO Van transfer to Tui, Spain on the border of Portugal & Spain. Afternoon walk to Valenca, Portugal Medieval Fortified city and Unesco World Heritage Site.

On route to Tui: We gently review the principle concepts of Applied Curiosity (from the Intro to AC Workshop) while enjoying the drive.

Evening: We take the fun Curiosity Archetype Quiz (and/or Curiosity Level Quiz). We will then have our Archetypes (and/or levels) revealed, and begin to explore what this means to us. Everyone will receive their “Pilgrim Passport” for the journey.



TBD 2 Walking Route: Tui to Mos. First day of walking along and across old Roman roads to scenic hamlet of Mos. We will get into the rhythm of stopping at Tavernas along the way to collect our daily collection of “stamps” for our passport, so that when we arrive in Santiago we can each receive our Compostela.

Morning: We each receive our Curiosity Bites for daily walking thought exercises.

Evening: We tackle Peak Curiosity Training and start our first Curiosity Bite brain fuel discussion.

Casa LaRache


TBD 3 Walking Route: Redondela to Pontevedra. We will be walking through the varied countryside, with glimpses of the sea. Arriving in Pontevedra where the ship was built in which Christopher Columbus sailed to America.

Morning: We each receive our Curiosity Bites for daily walking thought exercises.

First private, walking Curiosity Consulting begins.

Evening: We enjoy a mini Piquing Peak Curiosity training and launch into our first Curiosity Mastermind. Mastermind session focuses on what’s working, our challenges, and idea generation.



4 Walking Route: Pontevedra-Calda de Reis. We start today’s walk over a beautiful Roman bridge and then continue our day walking through fields, hamlets and wildflowers.

Morning: We each receive our Curiosity Bites for daily walking thought exercises.

Private, walking Curiosity Consulting continues.

Evening: We enjoy Piquing Peak Curiosity training and Curiosity Mastermind session. Mastermind session focuses on idea generation and collaborative opportunities.

Alfonso IX BD
TBD 5 Walking Route: Caldas de ReisPadron. Today we feast on the famous local peppers of Padron!

Morning: We each receive our Curiosity Bites for daily walking thought exercises.

Private, walking Curiosity Consulting continues.

Evening: We deep dive into Curiosity Mastermind. Mastermind session focuses on problem solving and resource-sharing.

TBD 6 Walking Route: Padron-Santiago de Compostela. Our final day of walking! We start the day in the rural countryside and then wind our way into the city center, onto the plaza, and end at the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela.

Morning: We each receive our Curiosity Bites for daily walking thought exercises.

Private, walking Curiosity Consulting continues.

Evening: We deep dive into our final Curiosity Mastermind session. Mastermind session focuses on establishing clear and measurable goals, assessment methods, and plans for longer-term accountability.






7 Dept. Santiago: First stop Pilgrim office, where we will wait on line to receive our Compostelas with all the other pilgrims who have arrived in Santiago from their various Caminos! Today we will have a goodbye lunch to celebrate our walk after traditional Pilgrim Mass at the Cathedral, witnessing the legendary Botafumeiro.

Morning: We each receive Curiosity Bites for daily walking thought exercises…and a host of curiosities to help us maintain the mindset and tools of curiosity.





Dates: Scheduling for 2019 and 2020

Limited availability- Maximum tour size: 8 Curiosity Pilgrims

Details and Questions: Contact


“While we are postponing, life passes us by.”
Lucius Seneca



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