How do you know if you’re curious enough? Why is curiosity more important now than ever before? 

This week Jennifer Felberg and I sip cocktails and delve into the art and science of curiosity. How can applied curiosity get you a big promotion or a hot date? How can it save your life?

Who is Jennifer Felberg?

Entertainer and choreographer

Singer (from Platinum Record to giveaway)

Ex-Cruise Director, ex-personal trainer, and ex-esthetician…a sampler of life

Elder Whisperer


My sister

The 80s version of Becki and Jennifer…and Grace.


What will you learn?

Peak Curiosity

Crossing the political divide.

Three concrete and actionable ways to flex your curiosity muscle (aka going to the curiosity gym) so it’s there for you when you need it.

How to use uncommon commonalities to connect, convince, and influence (like getting Bikers for Trump to take a photo with a Woman’s Marcher in a pussy hat).

How to ask better questions.

How to use curiosity as an applied and strategic tool to get what you want.

Why my sister is awesome.

Curious questions.

Why is curiosity more important now than ever before?

Is it always better to be more curious?

When do you want your boss or partner to be less curious about you?

How can being an expert be a curiosity killer?

How can you ask good questions when you’re not knowledgable about the topic (like when you’re talking to your doctor, or at a party, or when you’re feeling intimidated)?

Does elevating curiosity ahead of criticism, judgment, fear, and complacency make you less judgmental?

Links and resources:

Living Curiously: How to Use Curiosity to Be Remarkable and Do Good Stuff

Tribe of the Curious

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