Should you get venture capital for your business? If so, how? If not, why?

How can a venture capitalist help you turn an idea into a business? How can you avoid having a venture capitalist kill your business? Is Shark Tank realistic?

What is it like to go from peddling toilet paper to starting a computer software company to becoming a venture capitalist? How does one become a venture capitalist?

Who is Stephen Saltzman?

Okay, he is my first and current husband. There’s that.

Venture Capitalist for Intel Capital (one of the largest venture funds in the world).

Started Intel’s wireless division as the division’s first General Manager.

Startup entrepreneur. Founder of Now Software and Active Arts.

Virtually Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) expert and investor.

Ex-advertising executive (Nikon, Shell Oil, Northern Bathroom Tissue, etc).

Former Inc. Magazine Ernst & Young Software Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and former Oregon High-Tech Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

What will you learn?

The difference between an idea and a business idea.

The different ways to fund your business…and pitfalls to avoid.

The biggest mistakes Stephen has made and how you can avoid making the same ones.

What to do with an idea.

How to become a venture capitalist.

How should an entrepreneur create and deal with a board of directors (aka how not to get fired).

Curious questions.

What’s the difference between an idea and a business idea?

What advice do you offer for people looking to have friends and family invest in their business?

What are the different kinds of investments?

How do you know if it’s safe to share your idea with a potential investor?

How do you approach a venture capitalist?

How do you test an idea to see if it’s a good one?

Links and resources:

Intel Capital

National Venture Capital Association

Venture Beat

CB Insights for active corporate VC firms

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