In this episode of Applied Curiosity Lab Radio we chomp on the Curiosity Bite that explores whether you think you give an accurate first impression.

Do most people think that they do or don’t give an accurate first impression?

Should you manage your first impression or should you just let it happen?


Discuss, debate, and dissect with us!

The lens is – and always will be – curiosity. Each week, fun informal conversations center around one delectable Curiosity Bite designed to give your brain the time and ideas to think about thinking, to flex your curiosity muscle… and maybe even… revolutionize the way you think.

This week’s Curiosity Bite:


Do You Give a More or Less Accurate First Impression Than Most People? 


In this episode…Curious Questions asked and answered

Should you manage your first impressions?

Would you advise others that they should manage their first impressions?

Do you think there’s any harm in the President of the United States crying in an important meeting?

Is there value in being able to suppress your emotions?

Do you believe in love at first sight?


First Impressions candidate study

Narcissism and First Impressions study 

Thin Slicing

Amy Cuddy research

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