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Does your team have a reliable framework for making wise decisions? Do you?


Our workshops provide leaders with a framework of Good Thinking for improving how to think. Why does this matter? Because the decisions of the future will challenge leaders to go beyond applying what to think, to optimizing and mastering how to think. We’ll get you ready to take on that challenge.

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Capture insights

Improve decision-making

Avoid succumbing to biases & logical fallacies

Unleash critical thinking

Bust assumptions

Ask better questions

Increase sales & influence

Eliminate meetings

See the future

Create a culture of critical thinking and curiosity

Welcome to the era of the curious leader, where success may be less about having all the answers and more about wondering and questioning.

Harvard Business Review

New research points to three important insights about curiosity as it relates to businessFirst, curiosity is much more important to an enterprise’s performance than was previously thought. Second, by making small changes to the design of their organizations and the ways they manage employees, leaders can encourage curiosity – and improve their companies. Third, although leaders might say they treasure inquisitive minds, in fact most stifle curiosity.”

Harvard Business Review

The Business Case for Curiosity

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What’s the value of even a single new insight?


Finance & Investment

Risk and insights hide in the gap between what you know about markets & yourself and what you’ll find out to be true. Your success relies heavily on eliminating the thinking problems that keep these risks and insights hidden. We’ll help you shine the light on misleading biases, logical fallacies, and unexamined assumptions to illuminate the risk & opportunity insights that hide in this information gap.


Sales & Marketing

Even the most reliable sales and marketing programs leave many personal and market insights undiscovered. Maximizing treasure is rare because there’s distracting information, things are changing quickly, and teams are rarely given time to think about their thinking. Applied Curiosity & critical thinking tools will make your team more self and customer-aware, more influential, more intellectually agile, and ready to capture otherwise hidden and meaningful market insights.



Is your talent inspired and motivated to generate great ideas and to bring those ideas to your organization? Are you? In the age of distributed workforces and side hustles, this isn’t as easy as it used to be. We’ll help you create a vibrant Culture of Curiosity and Ideation where your team is inspired and motivated to generate and bring great ideas to work.


Analytical & Technical

No matter how analytical or technical you are, we all lack an operating manual for our brains. This has profound implications and consequences for the effectiveness of our decisions. As you continue to improve upon algorithms and prescriptive models for making decisions, we’ll give you the Good Thinking tools to unlock an operating manual for your brain and avoid judgment and decision errors that negatively impact algorithm decisions.




As a successful, busy leader, you’ve undoubtedly devoted massive time to learning, improving upon, and helping others with what to think and what to do. Now, it’s time to reward yourself and your executive team with a framework for improving how to think. You’ll use the Good Thinking Framework, with Applied Curiosity and critical thinking tools, to see things that others miss, improve your judgment, avoid decision traps, ask better questions, wisely engage with data, and overcome cognitive biases & logical fallacies.
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Harnessing Human Potential.


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For Entrepreneurs & Philanthropists

The Living Curiously Method™ Workshop is designed for entrepreneurs and philanthropists who want to launch their idea for making effective and remarkable change. The workshop is based on the book, Living Curiously: How to Use Curiosity to Be Remarkable and Do Good Stuff.

Where To Go and How To Get There

I’m curious. What should I do next?

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Who cares about curiosity?

“For companies to tap into their full potential, they don’t need new technologies, but a new culture of working. A culture of togetherness, where people build on the ideas of others. A culture of openness, where it’s more important to ask questions than to give answers. In short, a culture of curiosity.”
– Andreas Steile, Managing Director of Zukunftsinstitut Workshop & Curiosity Council Member

“Having a ‘beginner’s mind’ – the openness and willingness to learn in a way that often comes with a lack of subject-matter expertise, translates into an ‘insatiable curiosity’. It has kept me – and Salesforce – on the bleeding edge of what’s new and innovative in enterprise tech.”
– Marc Benioff, CEO Salesforce

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
– Albert Einstein

“There are a lot of challenges doing a technology startup. What we needed was someone who could understand our product and all of its potential, and then help us transform it into something people can understand and adopt. Becki’s curious nature and curiosity-based methods have been a tremendous help to our company. This curiosity-driven approach to consulting has helped us challenge and test assumptions in order to create new and better ideas. Guiding us through the Living Curiously Method led to our discovery of assumptions we didn’t realize we were making and, ultimately, helped us clarify our target customers and refine our product offering.”
Marty Mianji, CEO, Ustringer LLC

“Try to keep you mind open to possibilities and your mouth closed to matters that you don’t know about. Limit your ‘always’ and your ‘nevers’.”
–Amy Poehler

“Curiosity is not an arcane art for being innovative and growing. It’s a knowable process that can be easily applied in your daily life. Becki Saltzman successfully entertains, informs and teaches you how to be more curious about the world around you. She offers wonderful stories and easy-to-use tools that will help you be more curious, more interesting, and more innovative.”
Mike Figliuolo, Managing Director, thoughtLEADERS, LLC and author of One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership.

“Kudos to Becki Saltzman for lifting the veil! She gave me the scoop on persuasive power and shared simple tools I could use right away to rock the best version of my brand. She demystifies current research on human impetus to buy and delivers it in meaningful, usable terms. Every minute with Becki is inspired with insight and infused with her signature style of hilarity.”
Kristin Fritz, Artist and Mindfulness Coach

“The Workshop was highly valuable. Becki is an engaging teacher and I learned several tools to use my curiosity as a vehicle to derive better insights and inform better decisions.” Pat Campbell, Executive Director, Regional Sales Amgen

“If you want to stay competitive as an employer of choice and provide growth opportunities for all your teams, be curious. If you want your organization to be more customer-centric and take market share, be curious. This singular trait, curiosity, will determine which firms will thrive and which ones will stumble.” Zander Lurie, CEO Survey Monkey

“We’ve learned that finding time and having the audacity for curiosity is a worthwhile investment that will show returns for our employees and our business.”
Isabel de Paoli, Chief Strategy Officer, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

“Curious workers learn faster, retain information better, seek out missing information, and innovate more.”
State of Curiosity Report, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
– Albert Einstein

“In my 25 years in communications, and over a decade as a respected publisher of multiple magazines, I’ve come across a spectrum of other consultants who promise the moon and stars for better health, more wealth, professional success and business prosperity. A majority of other “experts” that have been hired have been formulaic, textbook, safe, shallow, or mundane in their thoughts and approaches. When one is being guided or advised by formulaic, textbook, safe, shallow, or mundane, these are the outcomes one will receive.”

“With Becki Saltzman as a Curiosity collaborator and contributor to my success, for once, the distant reach of the moon and stars are real on earth. Becki is bold. She is unfailingly honest. She’s intuitive and unafraid to explore layers between the layers to uncover new possibilities that best serve you. She’s an advocate for your evolutionary greatness and potential. She’s extremely intelligent and the aspect that makes her unique and an invaluable asset for your interests, is that she’s as equally smart as she is creative. This is a rare balance to find.”

“Elevating curiosity is not necessarily about being ahead of the curve; it’s more about unconventionally understanding, approaching, embracing, questioning and capitalizing well beyond the curve. New environments. New perceptions. New discoveries. This fundamental concept of Living Curiously so brilliantly constructed, is applicable towards all areas one may want to increase the overall quality of life, and vastly improve the next-level success of their business.”

“Through Becki’s uniquely strategically-crafted method of Living Curiously—whether you are a tech company, design firm, educational institution, healthcare organization, retailer or hospitality provider—you and your company will absolutely and immediately benefit from any amount of time invested with Becki Saltzman.”
Janna Lopez, Media and Marketing Consultant

“Becki’s Curiosity Consulting is a question-based, probing, assumption-busting, fun, and incredibly effective experience that will help you and your business tremendously. In my world, it is critical to uncover blind spots, generate new and better ideas, and find hidden connections and opportunities that are often missed. Curiosity Consulting helps with all of this. It also encourages that exact kind of curious, unconventional thinking that my businesses require.”
Fred Ross, Real Estate Investor

“Curiosity has been hailed as one of the most critical competencies for the modern workplace. It’s been shown to boost people’s employabilityCountries with higher curiosity enjoy more economic and political freedom, as well as higher GDPs. It is therefore not surprising that, as future jobs become less predictable, a growing number of organizations will hire individuals based on what they could learn, rather than on what they already know. …curiosity may be considered one of the critical foundations of talent.” Harvard Business Review

“…when it comes to performance, AI will have an edge over humans in a growing number of tasks, but the capacity to remain capriciously curious about anything, including random things, and pursue one’s interest with passion may remain exclusively human.” Harvard Business Review