This episode of Applied Curiosity Lab Radio chomps on the Curiosity Bite exploring what it would look like to actually wage peace. Would waging peace require a new global economic paradigm?

By what measure should we measure the success of humankind? What’s universally optimal?

What would chemical warfare look like if it was in an effort to wage peace? A Prozac bomb?

What if we destroyed the things that make us unhappy, distrustful, or aggressive? What if that was at odds with what makes most people unhappy, distrustful, or aggressive?

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The lens is – and always will be – curiosity. Each week, fun informal conversations center around one delectable Curiosity Bite designed to give your brain the time and ideas to think about thinking, to flex your curiosity muscle… and maybe even… revolutionize the way you think.

This week’s Curiosity Bite:


What would it look like to wage peace? 


In this episode…Curious Questions asked and answered:

Could our economic engines run if we waged peace with the same commitment as we wage war?

What would it look like to be happy, but not perceive yourself to be happy?

What would it look like to be unhappy, but perceive yourself to be happy?

How do you judge happiness?

Do we really want peace for ourselves? Do we really want peace for others? For everyone?



Nobel Peace Prize

International Peace Congress

World Happiness Report

Nick Bostrom’s Paperclip AI experiment

Tweezerman (aka, the best tweezers ever!)

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