Welcome back to Applied Curiosity Lab Radio. In this episode of ACLR we chomp on the Curiosity Bite exploring trends.

What beliefs are actually long trends? Is faith and value in the US dollar a trend that could end soon?

What outdated trend have you stuck with for long enough to become a trend setter?

Who’s more likely to get punched in the face?



Discuss, debate, and dissect with us!

The lens is – and always will be – curiosity. Each week, fun informal conversations center around one delectable Curiosity Bite designed to give your brain the time and ideas to think about thinking, to flex your curiosity muscle… and maybe even… revolutionize the way you think.

This week’s Curiosity Bite:


What current trend do you wish would go on for a long time?


In this episode…Curious Questions asked and answered

Is hugging people without permission stranger than asking for permission?

What’s a Y2K outfit?

Would you get a constellation piercing?




Ylang Ylang

Kerala Breakfast

Y2K outfit

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