In this episode of Applied Curiosity Lab Radio we chomp on the Curiosity Bite that explores bad things that are completely avoidable.

How do we prevent what we can’t predict? How do you prevent what you can’t predict? What’s the best way to perceive reality?

Why is critical thinking more important than raw intelligence?


Discuss, debate, and dissect with us!

The lens is – and always will be – curiosity. Each week, fun informal conversations center around one delectable Curiosity Bite designed to give your brain the time and ideas to think about thinking, to flex your curiosity muscle… and maybe even… revolutionize the way you think.

This week’s Curiosity Bite:


What causes the most harm in the world that’s completely avoidable? 


In this episode…Curious Questions asked and answered

Is humanism a good thing or bad?

What is basic healthcare? What makes it basic? Is basic a good or fair measure?

Is greed avoidable?

Are most avoidable harms due to our inability to ignore ourselves for the sake of the greater good?

How do you charge a lap dance on a company card?

Is it possible to not buy your own publicity?



Midnight In Chernobyl

The Emperor of All Maladies


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