This special episode was recorded live, front and center at the Podcast Movement event in Anaheim, CA. Learn why, as a creator or consumer, you do not want to miss out on this podcast movement.

Enjoy my interview with five other dynamic podcasters. Then follow your curiosity and check them out!

Who are these fantastic podcasters?

Bigg UU and Riffa are hosts of the hip hop podcast, Truth Be Told

Regina Revazova is the host of the NPR-affiliated short-form podcast, Open Conversations

Mitch Todd is a co-founder of Podcast Movement and is the host of Sci-Fi Maker podcast for science fiction filmmakers and screenwriters

Joanne McCall is a publicist and the Media Polisher representing non-fiction authors and podcasters.

What will you learn?

You’ll certainly want to listen to podcasts. You might just want to take it further by becoming a podcaster. There’s a lot of great people who will help you.

A sneak peek at three very different podcasts. So much curiosity-seeking!

Why do old school hip hop and new school hip hop dislike each other?

Why Regina’s childhood smelled like snow.

Curious questions.

What’s something that you believe that most people think is crazy?

Why do people reveal so much to strangers?

What goes into creating a huge podcast event? What has changed over the last 4 years?

Are there common elements that make a great sci-fi film?


Shout out and huge thanks to Shure for providing microphones, Steve Stewart for arranging and producing this live event, and to Talk Shoe for sponsoring this special episode.

Links and resources:

Truth Be Told

Sci Fi Maker

Open Conversations

Talk Shoe 


Joanne McCall

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Special thanks to Regina, Bigg UU, Riffa, Mitch, and Joanne for joining me this week. Until next time!