What should you do if your child is diagnosed with cancer…and you can’t even pronounce the word, oncology? How can you save your child’s life, and in doing so change the world?

How does a stonemason become a cancer researcher? Why do some people turn tragedy into triumph?

Who is Andy Woods?

Andy Woods and Charles Keller at Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute

Andy and Stella

Carpenter, tile guy, and musician turned pediatric cancer researcher.

Father of Anaplastic Wilms Tumor survivor.

Cancer researcher at Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI).

Researching new preclinical research that demonstrates more promising and less toxic treatment strategies for children with cancer.

Advocate for other children with other rare childhood cancers- Epithelioid Sarcoma, 11.2 translocated Renal Cell Carcinoma, AML, DIPG, and juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma.

Working to make cancer treatment available to pediatric cancer patients in the clinical setting.

Devoted life to helping all children with cancer, and to finding a cure for cancer.

Head of cc-TDI’s CureFast tumor bank/patient registry which collects leftover surgical and autopsy specimens from children with rare cancers and uses them to further our own research on these cancers and to share with other researchers.

What will you learn?

How to make a mid-life career change to become a cancer researcher

How to understand cancer research and how to become a cancer researcher.

Exactly what you can do to help cure cancer.

How to understand Cancer Stem Cell Theory.

How to understand Wilms Tumor cancer.

Why researching children’s cancer is particularly important to finding a cure for cancer.

Curious questions.

What is the most effective thing you can do with the information you find on the internet?

What should one do if their child is diagnosed with cancer?

Why is children’s cancer research different from general cancer research?

How do you convince Big Pharma to run a drug trial?

How did you go from being a stonemason to being a cancer researcher?

What is an Orphan Disease?

What’s a Nano Course?

Given the vast differences in cancer, will there be a cure for cancer that cures all cancers?

Links and resources:

Andy Woods

Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute 

Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI) tumor banking project, CureFast.

Consano crowdfunding campaign which supports Andy’s current Wilms tumor study at cc-TDI

Alex’s Lemondade Stand

Wilms Tumor (or nephroblastoma)

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