Can animals have rights and still be dinner? This week Animal Recovery Mission’s Richard “Kudo” Couto pulls back the curtain on the illegal animal industry – horse slaughter, ritual animal sacrifice, fighting rings, and the inhumane treatment of animals that we traditionally see on our dinner table.

What’s it like to go from real estate developer to leading the largest animal cruelty investigation operation in the history of the United States? Learn what’s next for Kudo and the ARM.

Who is Kudo?

Founder, Chief Executive Director, and lead investigator of Animal Recovery Mission

Advisor to city, state, federal and international agencies on issues of animal abuse and illegal slaughter

Largest undercover documenter of international illegal slaughter and animal abuse

Real estate developer turned animal abuse vigilante activist

Wanted: Dead or Alive by Cuban Cowboys of the C-9 Basin

Urban ninja renegade

Rescuer of Freedom’s Flight (bloodlines traced to Seattle Slew and Secretariat)

What will you learn?

How to understand legality of horse meat in the United States

Why the C-9 Basin is unique

The role of animals in black magic and ritual

How to small non-profits can go into foreign countries and make change.

Curious questions.

Can animals have rights and still be dinner?

What constitutes humane treatment of animals?

How do you deal with the fact that different countries have different cultural norms when it comes to treating and eating animals?

How can a meat eater advocate for the humane treatment of animals without giving up meat?

Links and resources:

Animal Rescue Mission

Humane Slaughter Act

The Dairy Farm bust

Palo Mayombe


Gadhimai Festival

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