This week we take a curious peek into what it looks like and how to live a location independent lifestyle with Kevin Morris and Laura Domela.

Can you really live on an Airstream or a boat full time? With kids? What’s it like to have your conference call interrupted by a pod of whales or a sleuth of bears?

“It’s time that’s the scarce commodity.” –Kevin Morris

“Start by asking yourself, “What if…?” –Laura Domela

Who are Laura Domela & Kevin Morris?

Laura was born in Anchorage, Alaska, grew up in So. California, and now lives in Portland, Oregon.

Laura is an artist  ( and avid traveler

She created the Riveted blog in 2010 while traveling the US and Canada in an Airstream travel trailer, and has been photographing and writing about her travels ever since.

Laura is most excited about inspiring other people to craft the lives they wish for.

Kevin was born and raised in Texas, he has called Portland, Oregon home for the past 30 years, but spends just as much time exploring the world by water, land, and air.

Kevin is an engineer, writer, boater, pilot, entrepreneur, and deck-hand.

The majority of his time is aboard Airship (a Nordic Tug 34) with his wife Laura Domela – all the while managing “Electronic Engineering Journal” – an engineering trade publication he founded with Laura back in 2003.

Kevin believes that everyone can and should craft their life around their passions, finding or creating work that matches their interests and lifestyle.

Workboats by Laura Domela

What will you learn?

How to achieve and live a location independence lifestyle.

What it’s like to live on a boat.

Why living a location independent lifestyle is not just a matter of luck.

How to learn about the boating lifestyle…aka how to befriend someone who owns a boat.

The most amazing thing that they have ever experienced while at sea.

How to join their flotilla.

Their greatest life lessons.

Humpback by Laura Domela

Curious questions.

What is something you would never have known if you had not chosen this lifestyle?

What decisions did you make that were pivotal in creating a location independent lifestyle?

How is living on a boat different from living in an Airstream?

What is something that you believed about downsizing that is completely not true?

What do you do to avoid getting on each other’s nerves?

When all of your possessions must fit in such a tiny space, what do you miss?

Brown bears by Laura Domela

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