What is wine? Is it just fermented grape juice? Why is it so magical, mysterious, and sometimes intimidating? What should we know about wine…and why?

This week we take a curious peek into the world of wine with Sommelier, David LeClaire

“Wine is bottled poetry.” Robert Lewis Stephenson

Who is David LeClaire?

Certified sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers

Wine Ambassador for Esquin Wine & Spirits, founder of Wine World & Spirits,

Founder of Seattle Uncorked

Ex-wine director at Seattle’s famed Alexis Hotel & Painted Table Restaurant

Speaker, instructor, educator, fundraiser, competition judge, consultant, and free-lance writer

What will you learn?

You don’t have to be a wine drinker to gain insights from the world of wine. I’m proof of this fact!

Common misconceptions about wine.

The reasons we have physical problems with certain types of wine…and what we can do to about it.

What to pay attention to when ordering wine at at restaurant.

How to determine if the wine has gone bad.

The best way to deal with bad wine at a restaurant.

Curious questions.

What’s a sommelier? What are the different types and levels of a sommelier? What do master levels sommeliers know that others do not? How much can a sommelier earn?

How can we understand the value of wine and how much should we pay for it?

What’s the best way to shop for wine?

Does wine really improve with age? What’s the optimal age for various wines?

Links and resources:

Seattle Uncorked, The Unpretentious Wine Club

Hoover steamer

Mad Wine

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Special thanks to David for joining me this week. Until next time!