Nearly 6 billion people eat meat. Many of us have no idea about the journey from the grasslands to our gullets. This episode with meat scientist and expert Nathan Parker will change this. Be ready to elevate curiosity.

What should you know about meat…and why?

Cows! (There’s a prize if you get that reference)

Who is Nathan Parker?

Scientist and instructor in Animal and Rangeland Sciences Department at Oregon State University

Manages USDA-inspected meat science laboratory

Expert on the hazelnut – hog relationship. Wait, what? Yeah.

Recently lost over 160 pounds and is preparing for his first half marathon

What will you learn?

How to identify less-than-fresh meat at the grocery store.

The slaughter process…up close and personal. Step outside your comfort zone?

What happens to prepare meat for your gullet.

What happens on the journey from the grasslands to your gullet.

Curious questions.

What’s the biggest misconception about meat?

What should we think about when we’re buying meat?

How is USDA beef graded?

What would you say to your daughter if she told you she wanted to become a vegetarian?

Links and resources:

OSU Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences

United States Department of Agriculture

Glacier Park

Sky High Bar downtown Corvallis

The Glass Wall Project

Temple Grandin

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Special thanks to Nathan for joining me this week. Until next time!