What does the path to becoming an asylum seeker in the United States look like? What are we missing when we don’t understand cultures we’re trying to influence?
This week we peek inside the life of an asylum seeker who barely escaped the lethal homophobia in Uganda…but where did this homophobia come from? Gain insights and wisdom from this fascinating story and interview with Mpagi Kirumira.

Who is Mpagi?


Ugandan from the Kingdom of Buganda, adventurer, risk-taker (that’s an understatement)

Abandoned at six-months, ran away and lived on the streets since he was 10-years old, owned his first pair of shoes at 15, and slept on a mattress for the first time at 16.

Active opponent of Ugandan President Yoweeri Museveni’s dictatorship
Human rights activist, risk taker, adventurer, and proud atheist

What will you learn?

What we are missing when we don’t understand role of tribes in African culture

The role of Christian missionaries in the deadly politics of homophobia…and how we may be contributing.

Who is Ugandan President Museveni and why he is so dangerous.

The differences between a refugee, asylum seeker, and illegal immigrant

Curious questions.

Specifically how did you survive on the streets as a young child?

What event caused you to have to flee Uganda to save your life? Scary stuff.

What specific steps did you take to get out of Uganda?

What’s life like for you now?

Links and resources:

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Spectrum Uganda Initiatives

Sexual Minorities Uganda

Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014

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