Does the US Constitution protect you the way you think it does? Maybe not.

Does Donald Trump change anything…everything?

This week we debunk the myths about the US Constitution (and tell you why you should care) with the Constitution Demystifier and Law Professor, Kim Wehle.

Who is Kim Wehle?

Tenured Law Professor, Former Assistant US Attorney, and Constitution Demystifier

Associate Independent Counsel, Whitewater investigation (under Kenneth Starr)

ABA reviewer for nomination of Judge Merrick Garland for Supreme Court

Consultant to FBI on privacy and Fourth Amendment

Constitutional law, privacy, and privatization expert

Author of the book, The Outsourced Constitution: How Public Power in Private Hands Erodes Democracy (Cambridge Press, 2018)

What will you learn?

Who does the Constitution actually protect?

How can we tell if something is unconstitutional, illegal, or just unconventional?

Can Donald Trump do that?

Why is privatization not so private?

Beyond Roe v. Wade. What are the real differences between conservative and liberal Supreme Court Justices…and why should we care?

What’s the difference between policy and politics.

How are we protected if our privacy is violated?

How and to whom is the government accountable?

Curious questions.

Really. Why should I care about this?

I’m already clear that I’m a conservative (or a liberal). What could possibly make me rethink this?

Is it too late for me to protect my privacy? Why does my privacy matter anyway?

I’m busy. What can I possibly do with this information to make my life better?

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Special thanks to Kim for joining me this week. Until next time!