Becki Saltzman

Founder & Chief Curiosity Seeker

Applied Curiosity Lab

I grew up in a virtual cabinet of curiosities. My playgrounds were the auction sites of industrial sawmills, abandoned office buildings, bankrupt retail stores, and greasy warehouses. 

I was taught that questions that can’t be answered should be valued over answers that can’t be questioned. Although this undoubtedly made me annoying to many of my teachers, it also provided the curious lens through which I see the world.

What I learned about curiosity in the greasy warehouses of my youth, I later confirmed in the dusty halls of academia as a graduate student while working on applying a mathematical model to behavior prediction.

I spent years researching curiosity and subjecting myself to what I call human guinea pig curiosity experiments in an attempt to test and exercise my “curiosity muscle”. Once I was able to synthesize the science and operationalize curiosity, I found that applied curiosity amplifies critical thinking in ways that are often missed by traditional decision-making models.

Applied Curiosity Lab was launched to train leaders to use the Good Thinking Framework with Applied Curiosity and Critical Thinking tools, in order to make better decisions. Leaders will increasingly compete with machine learning algorithms. This will make it vital that leaders set aside time away from what to think, in order to devote more time to improving how to think. That’s what my work does, and I love it.

Becki SaltzmanNow for a bit of third person detail:

Becki is not a content expert in ‘everything leadership’. She is, however, an expert in helping leaders tap into art & science of curiosity and critical thinking to capture hidden insights, spot decision traps, and avoid being blindsided by cognitive biases & unexamined assumptions in order to make better decisions.

She was the first to operationalize curiosity in order to train corporations, organizations, and entrepreneurs to use Applied Curiosity as a strategic tool. The 5-step method in her book Living Curiously has guided and inspired countless entrepreneurs and philanthropists to make effective change. Her international best-selling Critical Thinking course was chosen by Microsoft and LinkedIn to help millions of learners acquire the In-Demand Professional Soft Skills that will be required for all ‘new collar workers’.

Becki is a professional speaker, corporate trainer,  assumption buster, and idea trafficker. She holds a master’s degree in applied behavioral science from Washington University in St. Louis, and has spent the last two decades studying the science and art of Applied Curiosity and critical thinking.

Becki is the author of Living Curiously: How to Use Curiosity to Be Remarkable and Do Good Stuff, and Arousing the Buy Curious: Real Estate Pillow Talk for Patrons and Professionals

When she’s not traveling to conduct Applied Curiosity Workshops and speak about curiosity, Becki lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband. 

Becki loves her two glorious sons, exciting travel adventures, speaking to inspired audiences, dancing on crowded dance floors, and sipping brown drinks.

Follow your curiosity…

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Jennifer Felberg

Chief Experience Producer

Applied Curiosity Lab

From center stage and from behind the scenes, for over 25-years Jennifer has created experiences that engage and excite.

In addition to planning and implementing entertaining and educational events and productions for companies and organizations, Jennifer has traveled the world as a platinum-selling singer, and performed as a recording artist, stage and screen actor, and dinner cruise-ship master of ceremonies.

When Jennifer is not ensuring spectacular Applied Curiosity Workshops, she lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, son, and daughter. Jennifer enjoys coaching high school speech and debate, hip-hop dancing, and karaoke.



Barkley Saltzman

Product Manager

Applied Curiosity Lab

Barkley brings his unique experience working across international decision making, mediation, and software sales to provide learners with cutting-edge, actionable tools to make better strategic decisions.

In addition to creating amazing content for ACL learners, Barkley has helped businesses adapt in uncertain times, uncovered avenues for assistance in conflict zones, and created connections between leaders when resolution seemed unlikely.

Barkley holds a master’s degree in international conflict resolution with a certificate in mediation from Tel Aviv University and a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Oregon. He lives in Washington, DC with his wonderful fiancé Rachel and mischievous dog Lily, where he tends daily to the chickens featured each Monday on Good Thinking.