About Becki Saltzman

About Becki Saltzman, Curiosity Expert

The statement/question that I usually get asked is, “Curiosity expert. Cool. What is a curiosity expert?”

And the answer is…

A curiosity expert specializes in curiosity research and training. Curiosity is both an art and a science. I work with organizations and corporations (and a few select individuals) who want to learn to use curiosity as a strategic tool. I’m also on a mission to usher in the age of curiosity – I loving speaking to organizations about this! Yours?

A tool for what?

First, a tool for determining your Curiosity Archetype. That’s fun and wildly helpful.

Applied Curiosity primarily focuses on three distinct areas: Influence and sales (peak curiosity training), innovation & creative problem solving (extreme question training), and better decision making (through cognitive bias and brain bug training).

Note: Applying curiosity as a strategic tool often results in side benefit of a more fulfilling and adventurous life.

Becki SaltzmanNow for a bit of third person detail:

Becki’s family of auctioneers taught her well. They were master persuaders who were serious about sales as a noble endeavor. They understood the importance of arousing curiosity in their customers.

What she learned in the greasy warehouses of her youth, she confirmed in the dusty halls of academia. Trained in behavioral science/applied psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, as a graduate student Becki conducted award-winning research using a mathematical model of behavior prediction. She went on to a career as a fashion buyer, and then spent 20-years as a top real estate broker. All the while she continued to study curiosity and the role it plays in sales and influence, innovation & creative problem solving, decision making, and lifestyle design.

To understand the role of curiosity in the lives of remarkable people, Becki spent two decades studying and collaborating with behavioral scientists, embedding herself into a variety of industries and cultures, and conducting interviews around the world. These findings and adventures provided the ingredients for Applied-Curiosity training frameworks and the Living Curiously Method–a 5-step method for using curiosity to be remarkable and do good stuff.

Becki is the author of Living Curiously: How to Use Curiosity to Be Remarkable and Do Good Stuff, and Arousing the Buy Curious: Real Estate Pillow Talk for Patrons and Professionals. Her blog, Living Curiously, is an exercise apparatus for flexing curiosity muscles (so they don’t atrophy).

Becki is a trainer in Applied Curiosity. She speaks and writes about curiosity as a tool for business insights and advantages, and as a lens for adventure.

Becki loves great travel adventures, speaking to inspired audiences, dancing on crowded dance floors, and sipping brown drinks.

Follow your curiosity. Join me on the socials…tweeting provocatively on Twitter, revealing curiosities on Facebook, and sharing adventures on Instagram. And, if you’re curious, join our growing tribe of adventurous unconventional thinkers as a member of the Tribe of the Curious.