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Do you and your organization have a reliable framework for making wise decisions?  Whether you need to capture otherwise hidden insights, spot decision traps, or avoid being blindsided by cognitive biases & unexamined assumptions, we’ll use the Good Thinking Framework with Applied Curiosity & Critical Thinking tools to guarantee your team is ready to make the wisest decisions.[+]


Build momentum and rally your organization with Applied Curiosity and Critical Thinking tools. Keynotes and presentations will provide a respite from all the time spent on what to think to illuminate new, actionable, and engaging ways for improving how to think.[+]


Click around in this cabinet of curiosities. Find presents for your brain that will help you tap the Good Thinking tools of Applied curiosity and critical thinking for making better decisions.[+]

Curious? The Blog.

Curious? The Blog

Posts and episodes (Good Thinking LIVE and Applied Curiosity Lab Radio) hand crafted with good thinking ingredients and scientific precision to spark your curiosity and ignite critical thinking. Chomp on Curiosity Bites, sample curious curations and inspirations, and…wouldn’t you love to know?[+]

Applied Curiosity Lab

Are you ready for The Great Game*?

We’re busy. We devote most of our time to learning and executing on, what to think. 

Do it like this. Do it like that.

We provide leaders with the Good Thinking framework for improving how to think. Using Applied Curiosity & Critical Thinking tools, we’ll help you capture insights, improve judgment, avoid decision traps, ask better questions, wisely engage with data, and overcome biases in order to optimize decision-making and successfully illuminate and navigate the future. As algorithms get smart, we have to get smarter.

Do you have a reliable system in place for making Algorithm decisions and Good Thinking decisions? We’ll get you and your organization ready for The Great Game.

*The Great Game will be played between humans and deep learning algorithms.

When you change the way you look at things, things you look at change.

Philosophy and Promises:


  1. The future belongs to the curious. The good news is that curiosity is like a muscle. Anyone can be trained to flex and exercise their curiosity muscle. We are excellent trainers.
  2. The curiosity payoff is huge. Neglect curiosity and it atrophies and locks you in your comfort zone of certainty where you expose yourself to the dangerous risk of being blind-sided. Flex and exercise it and you’ll perceive things others miss and make better decisions. We are the best in the world at showing you how to flex and use curiosity in a strategic and applied way.
  3. Critical thinking is non-negotiable. It’s also massively misunderstood. We can help you and your team understand how to never neglect critical thinking when engaging in strategic or creative thinking. We can help you become master critical thinkers.
  4. Science matters. So does art. That’s a philosophy and a promise.
  5. You’ll know that you’re on the right track when you begin to value questions that can’t be answered over answers that can’t be questioned. The Good Thinking tools of Applied Curiosity & critical thinking will put you ahead on that track. Training for Good Thinking will be among the wisest decisions you ever make. Promise.
Becki Saltzman

Speaking of Good Thinking

Becki is not a content expert in ‘everything leadership’. She is, however, an expert in the art & science of curiosity, critical thinking and decision-making. How many speakers are there like this in the world? Not many.

Becki was the first to operationalize curiosity in order to train corporations, organizations, and entrepreneurs to use Applied Curiosity as a strategic tool. The 5-step method in her book Living Curiously has guided and inspired countless entrepreneurs and philanthropists to make effective change. Her international best-selling Critical Thinking course was chosen by Microsoft and LinkedIn to help millions of learners acquire the In-Demand Professional Soft Skills that will be required for all ‘new collar workers’.

Are you looking for a speaker who will inspire and challenge your audience to think differently? Are you looking for a generalist, or do you want a speaker who will bring Good Thinking tools to energize your teams in productive ways? Good Thinking is your future-proofing superpower. Becki will help Good Thinking go viral in your organization.

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Specialized Workshops & Presentations

Every workshop and presentation is tailored to your needs and the needs of your team. The Good Thinking Framework is based on Applied Curiosity and Critical Thinking tools that will prepare you and your teams to optimize decision-making and illuminate and navigate the future. If your goal is to work with or lead engaged teams prepared to capture otherwise hidden insights, spot decision traps, and avoid being blindsided by cognitive biases and unexamined assumptions, you should definitely contact us about our presentations and workshops.



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