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Bonus One

Idea Generation Station–is optimized for entrepreneurs looking for business ideas.
It won’t be hard to recognize the clues to the fact that this works for all your idea generating needs.
You will set the stage for generating ideas by using curiosity to bust limiting assumptions.

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Bonus Two

Laying the Groundwork–elevates your curiosity by challenging and helping you
to strategically identify what “you’re not” in order to crisply identify the ideas that
are right for you. This will also help you separate constructive criticism from useless
hate. Let you in on a little secret? This hints at the first step in the Living Curiously Method.

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Bonus Three

Tackling Your Why–takes you through a step-by-step process to apply curiosity
to answer WHY you should pursue some ideas…and not others. A bonus on top
of this bonus is that this will help you identify, recognize, and ultimately achieve success.

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Bonus Four

Key Curious Questions–takes you deep into the idea generation phase. This is a
curiosity template for generating the type of remarkable ideas that can end up on
your resume…or in your eulogy. You’ll come away with at least 30 new ideas.

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Bonus Five

10 Things to Do to Start Living Curiously Today. Have fun with this!
Elevating curiosity ahead of criticism, judgment, fear and complacency
is guaranteed to change your life for the better…or you can return curiosity
for a complete refund, with no questions asked.

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Bonus Six

Join the 30-Day Living Curiously Challenge…for FREE! Curiosity is like a muscle that
must be flexed or it will atrophy. This is your 30-day guide to curiosity muscle flexing goodness.
You’ll begin to immediately experience the massive benefits of living curiously
as the magic of curiosity (okay, not magic but close) will become totally clear in your life, work, and adventures.

1-Minute Book Summary of Living Curiously

Title: Living Curiously: How to Use Curiosity to Be Remarkable and Do Good Stuff

One Sentence Summary: An exceptional guide for people who want to learn how to use curiosity strategically to generate new ideas, bust assumptions, cure stagnation, create a new business, or design a remarkable life.

Living curiously is not about endless inquiry; it’s about discovering blind spots, hidden connections, and opportunities in order to make better decisions and, ultimately, live a more fulfilling and adventurous life.

The Living Curiously Method is a 5-step framework, steeped in science and designed to show inquisitive people how to use curiosity strategically to define and create beneficial change. The steps are: Start With What You¹re Not, Dumpster Dive Your Life, Cross-Pollinate, Find Uncommon Commonalities, and BLAST (blunder, learn, accumulate successes, try again).

Read nice words about Living Curiously from some nice people.

“You can put this book under your pillow and sleep on it every night, but it won’t do you much good. Instead, open it up and dive in, starting a cycle of curiosity that will certainly change your life for the better.”
SETH GODIN, Author of What to Do When It’s Your Turn

“I’ve always said that curiosity is a quality that many successful people share, but I don’t think there’s ever been such a detailed resource that shows how to cultivate it. If you’re curious about living better, this book can be a great help.”
CHRIS GUILLEBEAU, author of Born For This and The $100 Start Up

“In Living Curiously, Becki Saltzman successfully entertains, informs, and teaches you how to be more curious about the world around you. She offers wonderful stories and easy-to-use tools that will help you be more curious, more interesting, and more innovative. I highly recommend it!”
MIKE FIGLIUOLO, Managing Director, thoughLEADERS, LLC and author of One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership

“Adventure doesn’t come with a price tag; it comes from a mindset. Living Curiously shows you how to tap into that mindset to create a life that matters.”
ETHAN ZOHN, Co-founder Grassroots Soccer, Winner of Survivor Africa, and cancer crusher

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”
MARK TWAIN, calling it like it is since 1835

“I have no special talents. I’m only passionately curious.”

If curiosity was good enough for Einstein, perhaps it’s right for you?