20 Lessons Learned From A Year of Living Curiously

20 Lessons Learned From A Year of Living Curiously

Another official Year of Living Curiously is coming to an end. Living curiously has been an adventure that has taken me down the street and around the world—from gun stores to strip clubs, from inside crematoriums to inside volcanoes, from board rooms to pot shops, from Wiccan rituals to Voodoo readings, from exotic animal clinics to remote bat caves, from typhoon damaged to volcanic damaged islands, and from alligator-filled backyard bayous to oxen-plowed front yard rice paddies. I have loved being inspired by remarkable people hidden behind seemingly ordinary lives.

Living curiously has created inspiring adventures and allowed me to find mystique in the mundane of daily life. It has taught me beneficial new angles of understanding gained by judging compassionately. It has revealed powerful insights that give the word reward its multitude of meanings in life and in work. It will do the same for you.


Do Gun Stores Cause Gun Violence?

The other day I was coming out of the newest strip mall gun store when I bumped into a former estate client, Karen, who was sitting outside eating her “fro-yo”.

“That place is vile and dangerous. I would never go in there,” she judged at me, pointing her pursed lips at the Gun Store.

Before I could explain, she had already mentally blamed me for Columbine and suspected me of contracting Cat Scratch Fever from Ted Nugent himself.

Like my ex-client, we all have opinions, and when we go looking for proof that


9 Things. The Lower Ninth Ward. 9 Years Later

I was admiring the cushiness of my cool bicycle seat in the humid New Orleans sun, when our guide asked if anyone had suggested that we wear bulletproof vests along with our bike helmets.

“No,” I said. “I guess we’re brave…or stupid. We didn’t really ask anyone their opinion before the ride.”

“I was told not to go into the Lower Ninth Ward,” our Welch bike-mate, Aron, confessed.

Vacations can be curiosity quests that provide powerful insights when we ignite the right type of courage and adventure. Although curiosity quests can take us places that others deem strange or dangerous, novelty that inspires powerful insights can be found


Curiosity at the World Domination Summit

This past weekend was the World Domination Summit. Chris Guillebeau and his dedicated team brought approximately 2500 people from over 30 countries together in Portland for the fourth year of his wonderful, inspiring quest of an event. Admittedly when I first heard about the summit I, like many people, suspected that it was inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe it was, but there was neither whip nor front-zipping mask in sight. There were, however, speakers from all over the world, a world-record yoga event in Pioneer Courthouse Square, and participant-generated meet-ups covering topics from meditation, internet marketing, film and ecstatic dance. The summit sold out


Pray the Gay Away: Right to Choose?

In my Year of Living Curiously experiment, a recent event provided the biggest challenge to elevating curiosity ahead of criticism.

My calendar was blocked out for the Degenerate Flame-Off weekend. It’s the coolest annual event for the glass pipe industry where all the great glass artists from around the country come to compete. With my crazy marijuana-related projects chugging along, I simple had to be there. Plus, it was guaranteed to be hot, sexy and sharp.

That same weekend I was asked to attend a protest for the national conference of Restored Hope Network, a reparative/gay-conversion/deal with homosexuality/pray-the-gay-away event. I was torn, but then I thought,