Have you been living curiously? At all? Enough? What does that mean? Why does it matter?

Living curiously transforms every part of your life. Does this sound like hyperbole and a bit woo woo? As a curious skeptic, this statement would seem that way to me if I didn’t know it to be undeniably true. Intellectually it will provide you with insights and ideas. It will make you smarter. Work-wise it will help you see things and make connections that others may miss. You’ll need this to be a remarkable leader. It will fill your daily life with adventure because it will help you find the mystique in the mundane. It doesn’t require huge resources. However, it will turn travel adventures into transformative experiences.

It’s a simple concept that provides immediate benefits. You’ll get unstuck. Your life will be become one of fulfillment, adventure, and opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

Magic? No, but it is a mindset shift that feels like discovering how the most amazing magic trick is performed. That’s great for you, but it is perhaps even more urgent for the world.

Why now? It is time to usher in the Age of Curiosity. It will be only the truly curious (you?) who will redirect our world by creating and inspiring beneficial change. This redirection is urgent.

That’s the build-up. That’s the truth.

If you’re curious (with excitement, skepticism, or both)…

Cool things to know about:

  1. Join the first ever Living Curiously WebinarHow to Get Unstuck. It’s free. Tremendously useful and actionable tactics will be provided in exchange for your feedback. I will then use your valuable feedback to put the finishing touches on the research-based Living Curiously training that is currently in development. This webinar and Living Curiously training is based on Peak Curiosity and the Living Curiously Method. You will learn immediately applicable tactics that will help you get unstuck. Go here to register today. Limited to only the first 100 registrants.
  2. We are launching the inaugural Camino Curiosity Quest. This is a Special Event Workshop-Walking-Week along the Camino in NW Spain (with a swoop into Portugal). I’m joining forces with the famous Stars of the Camino to provide adventure, training & masterminding, and an experience like no other. Your living curiously lifestyle begins where fellow Camino pilgrims have been experiencing powerful transformation since the Middle Ages.  You bring ideas & desires, elevated curiosity, and excellent walking shoes. You walk, expand your mind, and create your own transformation. We’ll take care of the rest. Because this is our inaugural Curiosity Quest and it is short notice (April 30-May 6, 2017), we are offering special inaugural pricing to the next 5 Questers who sign up. If you are unable to join us on this date, share the opportunity with your most curious and adventurous friends. Contact me today if you would like information for future Curiosity Quests that are in the works.

Elevate curiosity ahead of criticism, judgment, fear and complacency. This reordering process and mindset shift will benefit your life so that you can benefit the world. For example, it may not make you less judgmental. It will, however, make you more accurate in your judgments. Perhaps that’s more important for living a most fulfilling, meaningful, and adventurous life.

Join the webinar. Register for the Camino Curiosity Quest.

“While we are postponing, life passes us by.” Lucius Seneca