This is the podcast for the relentlessly curious.

This is Applied Curiosity Lab Radio.

In each episode Becki Saltzman interviews unconventional people – from filmmakers and scientists to S&M dungeon masters and alien abduction experts, and everyone in between – to give you a peek inside worlds that may be new to you…maybe even outside your comfort zone. Elevate curiosity.

Why? To see things others miss. To bust out of your silo of sameness. To extract insights, wisdom, and actionable bits that you can apply to your own life. Oh, and to fuel your love of learning a little about a lot.

In our increasingly divisive world where we are trapped in our echo chambers and silos of sameness, Applied Curiosity Lab Radio will provide you with the tools to flex your curiosity muscle and the wisdom to break down barriers. Let’s revolutionize the way we think.

See things that others miss. Escape the boundaries of ordinary.


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