About the Living Curiously Lifestyle

The Living Curiously Lifestyle was born out of the laboratories of behavioral science, greasy industrial warehouses, fast-paced Living Curiously Lifestyleshowrooms, and cross-pollination among thousands of clients from different industries and cultures.

The history of curiosity is sordid. Curiosity is controversial. It can be sexy, helpful, glorious and dangerous. Historically the knowledge that was squirreled away was elevated above the knowledge that one could obtain by curious inquiry. This created a caste system of information hoarding that turned curiosity-seekers into heretics. The negative connotation of a heretic still stands today, even though a heretic might better be described as a non-conformist. Most innovation is born out of non-conformity. History hasn’t always been fond of curiosity-seekers like us, but curiosity is, and has always been, at the root of scientific discovery.

Now is the time for curiosity. Now is the time for those brave enough to question assumptions. The Living Curiously Lifestyle is not for those who want to avoid shades of gray and continue to only value evidence that supports their own worldview and reject evidence to the contrary.

The idea of elevating curiosity ahead of criticism has never been more salient or more important. Living curiously requires a very specific and strategic reordering of elevating curiosity ahead of criticism. In this world of data deluge and information torrent, curiosity is no longer a diversion or a luxury. It is critical to thinking more insightfully, judging more compassionately and living a life less ordinary.

Soon we will launch the Living Curiously Method. It is a systematic method to tap and unleash the greatest power of curiosity. You are ready.