About Arousing the Buy Curious

Arousing the Buy CuriousArousing the Buy Curious is about sales, persuasion and negotiation. To some, sales a four-letter word (with an S on the end), but in the land of Arousing the Buy Curious, to sell is noble.

Since the vast majority of what we communicate with our lips and our clicks involves some attempt to persuade, move, convince, entice, cajole, influence, sell or arouse, it is critical that we understand the art and science
of doing it exceedingly well.

The days when selling is simply hoarding and greedily dispensing data are over. To arouse the buy curious one must be able to make meaningful sense of data in order to help people move from wonder, to thinking clearly, and ultimately to acting clearly.

The Sexy Mind Science of ethical persuasion aligns perfectly with the selling arts when used correctly to help, transform, and save. Arousing the Buy Curious uses Sexy Mind Science to tap into the power of curiosity to excite and entice so that the buyer becomes his own seller and the seller stands beside as a beneficent benefactor.

When you arouse the buy curious, your first goal is to be asked,

“What does this mean? What does this mean for me?”

You’ll be ready with the answer that results in an exchange of resources that leaves both you and your buyer better off in the end…because that is noble selling and that is Arousing the Buy Curious.

[fontawesome_icon name=”fa fa-home” size=”1″ type=”” color=”” style=”normal” bgcolor=””] Arousing the Buy Curious got its start in the real estate industry and has expanded to individual and corporate sales, influence and persuasion.

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