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Applied-Curiosity Consulting

Unique, question-based consulting for organizations and individuals wanting to test assumptions and overcome stagnation in order to generate new ideas, make better decisions, and design ideal work styles and lifestyles.


Becki entertains and enlightens audiences with insights and inspiration, humor, actionable takeaways, and just the right dose of sexy mind science. Speaking of curiosity…

Curious? The Blog.

Curious? The Blog.

Hand crafted with free-range thinking and scientific surgical precision to elevate your curiosity. Chomp on Curiosity Bites, sample curious curations and inspirations, and…wouldn’t you love to know?

Elevate Curiosity
Question Guy
Living Curiously

…What it’s not

Living Curiously is not endless inquiry and striving for the unattainable goal of knowing everything.

…What is it?

Living Curiously is about discovering blind spots, hidden connections, and opportunities in order to make better decisions, generate new ideas, and live a more fulfilling and adventurous life.

When you change the way you look at things, things you look at change.
Becki Saltzman
Arousing the Buy Curious
The Living Curiously Method

The Living Curiously Lifestyle Philosophy and Promise:

  1. When you Elevate Curiosity you experience a sort of magic that begins to cause your life to be remarkable.
  2. It’s not really magic. That’s silly. But it kind of feels that way. It isn’t always comfortable because it challenges assumptions while it drops us in the murky, grey area.
  3. The murky, grey area may be uncomfortable, but it is exactly where the most powerful insights hide. It is the enemy of the stagnation that stands between you and your remarkability.
  4. Once you dive into that grey area you will begin to make better decisions, generate new ideas, and live a more fulfilling and adventurous life.
  5. Elevating curiosity will become the enemy of any of your viewpoint stagnation and life stagnation.
  6. Everything is your choice, unless you allow choices to be made for you. When you choose to elevate and follow curiosity you unlock the shackles of life stagnation, and adventure appears everywhere. You can then move from having your life decided for you to having your life designed by you.

My dream is for The Living Curiously Lifestyle to become a movement. My hope is that the movement will be open-source, primarily leaderless and grow out of control. The Tribe of the Curious will welcome dissention and controversy and accusations of dipshittery. Skeptics and seekers will sit together at the head of the table while humorists will pour cocktails down their gullets and shirts. People who value happiness and positive thinking will cross-pollinate with people who value snarkiness and cynical humor. Scientists will roll their eyes while finding just enough value to simultaneously raise their eyebrows. To start, all you have to do is be just curious and brave enough to wonder if some of your assumptions are worthy of reconsideration. If that sounds scary, it is. Just consider giving it a try. You may not want that kind of life, and that’s okay. Snoop around anyway. Maybe you’ll change your mind. Maybe not. If you already know that you’re a curiosity-seeking, assumption-busting adventurer and unconventional thinker, you’ve come to the right place. Join the Tribe of the Curious.

Speaking about Living Curiously

Becki will excite your audience to elevate curiosity and help your audience use curiosity to define, design and create remarkable lives and careers. That’s a lot of smart, insightful, adventurous goodness.   Curious about…

Arousing the Buy Curious?

Curiosity has a starring role in sales and ethical persuasion. How can you tap into curiosity to sell, persuade, cajole, arouse, or influence? How can you get your clients and customers to ask: “What does it mean? What does it mean for me?” Ah, good question. You’re curious. Follow your curiosity and Becki will help.   Can we arouse your curiosity about…

The Living Curiously Method?

The Living Curiously Method™ is an actionable 5-step framework that works using curiosity in a very specific and methodical way. It will show you exactly how you capture the greatest power of curiosity in order to be remarkable and do good stuff. The Living Curiously Method is optimized for unconventional thinking and assumption-busting. It will help define and design remarkability for business and life. Move from inspiration to inspired action…with strategic curiosity as your guide.   If you’d like Becki to speak at your event, please let us know! If you’d like to host a Living Curiously or Arousing the Buy Curious event, let’s make it happen!

Join the Tribe of the Curious.

Follow your curiosity. Get valuable, exclusive content, tools & curiosities to help you unleash the greatest power of curiosity for life, adventure, and work.

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